Security Dogs

Winstar Security offers specialist dog handler /trained dog for every aspect of your security requirements. Security dog & handler has been a proven asset in theft reduction, criminal damage and violent behavior due to the dog excellent olfactory system.

Winstar Security can complement Security dog & handler services with other security services for a bespoke security solution tailored for each client’s need.

Patrol Dogs

Winstar Security has several breeds of dogs trained in intruder detection, search, and patrol. Patrol dogs are assigned a dog handler who is trained in dog care, obedience and attack tactics. Dogs can detect hidden intruders or items by sight, scent and sound.

We have a punctual delivery system for residential and commercial properties with our purpose built deployment vehicles.

Sniffer Dogs

Sniffer dogs are trained to deter and indicate the presence of explosive or narcotic material on people, vehicles, compound, building or luggage. The dogs can to detect and indicate the presence of explosive material through body language which the handler can read and take necessary action.

Sniffer dogs are both passive & proactive ideal for detection at airports, ports, stadiums, shopping centres and any locations where narcotics or explosives are a concern.