Specialized Services – (Escort and Events)

Winstar Security offers specialized security services depending on client’s security requirements.

Cargo Escort

Winstar Security provides escort security for sensitive/valuable cargo while on transit to protect them from theft and damage. Our personnel are trained on emergency procedures and The Highway Code of Kenya. Winstar Security motor vehicles are also tracked using GPS monitoring system which is connected to the control room for real time communication during the journey.

Cargo escort services entails;

  • Security Movement Plans
  • Secure overnight
  • Dedicated point-to-point transportation
Events Security

Winstar security focuses on safety, security and crowd management during events. Events present distinct challenges based on their requirements as each events have different programs and settings. With a review of client’s needs, Winstar Security will develop an effective and efficient security plan and deploy a team with the right experience and training for each task and challenge ahead.

Events provide a good platform for integration of security services like:

  • Access control
  • Security dogs
  • Undercover operations